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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I change ink color on the same order?
  2. Yes, but there is a $5.00 ink change charge for each change.

  3. Do you accept jpeg images?
  4. Sorry, but we don't. Jpegs are compressed images of poor quality and do not translate to print well. Jpeg images are inherently fuzzy, due to pixel loss during compression, and do not produce the sharp, clear edges you will want on your garments. Please send your artwork in EPS or PSD format. Please refer to Acceptable Art Files for further details.

  5. Can we have a different size print on the same order?
  6. Yes, we will do that, but it requires an extra screen and film charge.

  7. What is spot color / flash cure?
  8. Spot color, or flash cure, is when a color is struck twice for excellent coverage on dark fabrics, especially for light inkcolors on dark garments.

  9. What if I decide I don't want a spot or flash cure on my dark garment?
  10. That is possible. You won't be charged the extra $ .20 for the spot color / flash cure.

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